What’s New in Spring 5

Spring has undergone quite a few changes with the upgrade to Spring 5. In this course, What’s New in Spring 5, you’ll learn about what has changed in the framework and how to take advantage of the newest development features. First, you’ll learn about the move to more recent versions of the JDK, and the significant changes to the core of the Spring Framework. Next, you’ll explore Kotlin, the newest language supported by Spring. Kotlin has long been used for Android development and is a great way to build a full stack in the same language utilized by Spring. Then, you’ll discover how to use WebFlux with the reactive approaches provided by Mono and Flux. Finally, you’ll explore the changes made in JUnit 5 and the latest methods to test your application. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have a foundational understanding of the new features in Spring 5, and will be able rapidly adopt them in your applications.

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